Twitter (and related tools)

Twitter is a free social messaging utility for staying connected in real-time. What does that mean?  Think of it like Instant Messaging on Crack. It’s a way to connect to dozens, perhaps hundreds to hundreds of thousands of people all at once — and directly into their account. |

Cost: FREE | Time Usage: Minimal to Obsessive

Words You Need to Know

tweets. –> Your 140 character twitter message;

tweet in verb form: the act of posting to twitter

retweet –> when you tweet something someone else has already tweeted . Always starts with RT.

@replies. –> this is how you reply to someone in a conversation.

hashtags. –> #hashtag, used to create conversation topics easily followed. Use the # with the words behind it to be included in any conversation.

DM. –> Direct message on twitter from one person to another.

Tips for Writers in Using Twitter

  • Make a business plan for your Twitter use – for business purposes.
  • Sign up now. Give yourself time to get adjusted. Take a few weeks to add some people of interest to follow. (Get a list of agents and editors on Twitter here.)
  • The more people you follow, the more will follow you.
  • Be selective in those you choose to follow — for this to work, you need to be smart.
  • Get involved in conversations, don’t just promo yourself. Look for hashtags in people you follow, get involved in those conversations that interest you.
  • Personalize your Twitter page. It’s a bio and you can get a custom background.
    (Yes, I design them. See Services.)
  • Add a badge to your website and your blog that includes your twitter status updates. The beauty of the internet these days is the interconnectivity. Work smarter, not more.


There are a number of related tools to help you use Twitter to your advantage. I’ve tried to focus specifically on ones that will help you manage this or enhance it’s usage in your marketing efforts.

To make it easier to tweet and reply:

  • Tweet Deck – This allows you to manage your account, replies, direct messages as well as select to follow certain conversation threads. | Installs on Computer
  • Digsby – Works like an IM account, but allows you to see all your social networking tools at once, including Twitter (multiple accounts), facebook, myspace and more. | Installs on computer
  • TwitterMail - Send tweets from your email | Website sign up
  • Twitterfeed - Autopost your blog entries to twitter | Website sign up
  • TweetLater - Autoresponders to your tweets | Website sign up

To monitor and watch conversations and certain key terms

  • - A website you can visit and put in #hashtags or topics to all tweets related. | Steps: web browser
  • – A website to watch the upcoming trends and custom searches.
  • Tweet Deck [recommended] – I listed this in both places because it has multiple uses. In addition to managing your account, you can follow conversation threads. | Installs on Computer

Blog or Website Functionality/Additions

To add twitter capabilities to your blog and/or website:

  • Twitter Remote - Add a widget that shows which twitter users recently visited your site/blog. Usable on both blogs and websites. | Easy cut and paste.

WordPress plugins

  • Tweet This – This adds a Twitter icon to every post and page, so your readers can talk about your blog entries on their Twitter accounts with ease.
  • WP Twitip ID – This adds an extra field to the comment form on your blog to enter a twitter username (for your visitors)
  • Twitter Badge – Display badges showing what you are posting on Twitter.
  • The Twitter Updater – Automatically sends a Twitter update to your Twitter account when you create, publish, or edit your WordPress post. You can customize the text for the updates, and turn the auto update on/off for the posts
  • TwitThis is an easy way for people to send Twitter messages about your blog post or website. When visitors to your website click on the TwitThis button or link, it takes the URL of the webpage and creates a shorter URL using TinyURL. Then visitors can send this shortened URL and a description of the web page to all of their friends on Twitter.
  • Twitter Tools – This wordpress plugin creates an integration between your WordPress blog and your Twitter account. Pull your tweets into your blog and create new tweets on blog posts and from within WordPress.
  • Twitter WordPress Sidebar Widget – Customise the number of updates shown in your sidebar, individual links to each status update on Twitter, style your Twitterings using CSS, choose whether to display your Twitter name before each post and customise text between the post text and the relative time.
  • Twitter Feed – Posts your blog updates to your twitter account. Login to twitterfeed using your OpenID, provide the URL for your blog RSS feed, and how often to post to Twitter.
  • Twitt-Twoo – Allows you to update your Twitter status from your blog’s sidebar.
  • Tweet Blender – Allows for multiple tweeters. Great for group blogs.

Just plain entertaining or interesting

  • SecretTweet - As a writer, I’m fascinated by this. It’s like true confessions in 140 characters or less. Go to this website to post your secret, anon comments. Then go to sign up to receive the tweets.
  • PollDaddy Twitter Polls - Create a poll and send it out easily.

Helpful Links

More articles on this:


Conversations you can follow and participate in

Twitter Chat Schedules

A full Twitter Chat Schedule can be found here: No point in trying to keep up with the list.  Just click the link – it’s an interactive spreadsheet that allows people to update their information.

Agents & Publishers on Twitter

And finally, a list that’s as complete as I can make it so far (I will add to this list) of agents and editors and pubs you can follow.   But first, I want to quote Literary Agent Janet Reid from her blog : “One of the great ways to make twitter a total waste of time is to follow someone who isn’t using twitter for what YOU are using it for.”

Not everyone searches out replies to them. Not everyone does searches by hashtags.  Some people use it as an extended version of IM to chat with friends, coworkers and others and pay no attention to anything else.  Others use it extensively to converse on topics, offer advice, and such.  Check out their pages, see what they tweet about most and adjust your expectations from this accordingly.  Twitter can be a great tool– as long as you use it in a way that makes sense for you.


Literary Agents

Allan Guthrie:
Alice Tasman:
Amy Moore-Benson:
Andrea Barzvi (ICM)
Barry Goldblatt:
Beverly Slopen:
Byrd Leavell (Waxman Agency):
Chip MacGregor:
Chris Richman (Upstart Crow Literary Agency):
Danielle Svetcov (Levine Greenberg Literary Agency):
Deirdre Knight:
Elaine Spencer (Knight Agency):
Elana Roth:
Elizabeth Evans:
Ellen Papus:
Emmanuelle Alspaugh:
Evan Marshall:
Folio Literary:
Ginger Clark:
Greg Daniel:
Haylee Yeeles (Pollinger Unlimited):
Holly Bemiss (The Susan Rabiner Literary Agency):
Holly Root (Waxman Literary):
Isabel White:
Jacquie Flynn (Joelle Delbourgo Associates):
Janet Kobobel Grant (Books & Such Literary):
Janet Reid (FinePrint Literary Mgmt):
Jason Ashlock (Movable Type Literary Group) :
Jennifer DeChiara :
Jennifer Laughran (Andrea Brown Literary):
Jennifer Rappaport:
Jennifer Weltz (Naggar Literary Agency):
Jenny Bent:
Jessica Faust :
Jessica Regel:
Jill Corcoran:
Joelle Delbourgo:
Johnson Literary:
Jonny Geller:
Kae Tienstra:
Kate Epstein:
Kate Lee:
Kate McKean (Howard Morhaim Literary):
Kate Schafer Testerman (KT Literary):
Kathleen Ortiz (Lowenstein Associates)
Kelly Mortimer:
Kim Lionetti (BookEnds):
Knight Agency:
Launch Books:
Lauren MacLeod:
Lauren Shults:
Literary Agent (anon):
Lisa DiMona:
Lucienne Diver (Knight Agency):
Marlene Stringer:
Matt Wagner (Fresh Books):
Michael Bourret (Dystel & Goderich Literary):
Miriam Goderich (Dystel & Goderich Literary):
Natasha Kern:
Nathan Bransford (Bransford Literary):
Nephele Tempest (Knight Agency):
Nick Croce:
Noah Lukeman:
Paige Wheeler (Folio Literary Mgmt):
Peter Cox :
Peter Tallack (The Science Factory):
Rachael Gardner (WordServe Literary):
Robert Brown (Wylie-Merrick Literary Agency):
Ross Grossman (Affinity Artists Agency):
Samantha Haywood:
Sarah Such:
Scott Waxman:
Serendipity Literary:
Simon Trewin:
Strothman Agency:
Stuart Krichevsky:
Ted Weinstein:
Tracy Marchini (literary agent assistant, Curtis Brown Ltd):
Tom Wilkens (The Jeff Herman Agency):
Upstart Crow Literary Agency:
Wendy Goldman Rohm:
Wendy Lawton:
William Gladstone:

Publishing Industry

Agent Query:
Angela James/CarinaPress:
Bantam Editor:
Barbara Vey/PW:
Book Pubs: – Added 5/2010
Books Reviewer:
Colleen Lindsay:
Jodi Meadows (slush reader):
Kirkus Reviews:
Moonrat (acq editor at NY pub):
MJ Rose:
Publisher’s Weekly:
Publishing Talk:
Query Shark:
Ranty Editor:
Self Pub Review:
Sue Grimshaw:
Writer’s Digest:

Book Publishers

Absolute Publishing:
Alonquin Books:
Amber Quill Press:
Aqueous Books:
AVA Publishing:
Bantam Dell:
Bloomsbury Press:
Carina Press:
Crown Publishing:
DK Publishing:
Dorchester Pub:
Dutton Books:
Echelon Press:
Forever Romance:
Grand Central Pub:
Graywolf Press:
Hale Publishing:
Harlequin Books:
Harper Studio:
Lily Roth Publishing: - Added 5/2010
Little Brown & Co:
Medallion Press:
Osprey Publishing:
Penguin Books:
Potomac Books:
Random House:
Samhain Publishing:
Sapphire Blue Publishing: – Added 5/2010
Seedpod Publishing: – Added 5/2010
Softskull Press:
Simon & Schuster:
Story Publishing: – Added 5/2010
Stylus Publishing: – Added 5/2010
Tor Books:
Tradewind Books: – Added 5/2010
Turner Publishing: – Added 5/2010
White Rose Publishing: – Added 5/2010

More links to authors to follow:

Another place to locate folks to follow:
. (Hint: You should also be listed here!)

And of course, the most important ones of all: mine. :)



Are you a writer on twitter? Let’s start a conversation… Use hashtag #writerstweet and tell me how you use twitter.

More links to authors to follow:

Another place to locate folks to follow:
. (Hint: You should also be listed here!)

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