In every element of design for authors, there is a readability factor, an appeal factor and the most important factor: getting your intended audience to follow through with action. How do you do that? One way is to create a seamless brand your clients or readers can trust. And the basics of any brand start with seamless, appealing design.

Beautiful design isn’t enough.

It has to work. It has to meet the goals you’ve set forth: To inspire trust in your name or brand, to convince a reader to try your books, to embolden clients and employees that your company is the choice to make. That’s where the marketing aspect of design comes in…

Each element of design has a purpose.

  • Colors mean something on an emotional level to people. Whether you use warm, cool or harmonious colors, you’re evoking emotions in your visitors.
  • Placement and style of text send a message.
  • The balance of your page: Shape and space, location of the elements, and the balance of white space versus filled space, all achieve an emotional impact.

Designing all elements of your needs, from website to your marketing materials, should be done with the goal –action –in mind. Great design can help you achieve that.

Will Design For Chocolate offers a variety of graphic design services, from websites to promotional materials to consultation to help you figure out your brand.